Black Friday Chaos Again, But Less Than Usual

Baby hit by thrown shoe, brawls break out... Still better than starving under socialism.

Shoppers flocked to malls and big box stores all over the country looking for the best Black Friday deals after Thanksgiving, but in some locations gratitude gave way to bad attitude.

Video from one Walmart store shows several grown men fighting over the same toy car, store staff pleading with them to stop, and finally one store staff member can be heard telling the men that neither one of them will get it. At another Walmart store chaos erupted shortly after the whistle blew for the start of Black Friday sales.

A baby was hit by a shoe that was thrown in an Alabama mall as shoppers looking for deals devolved into brawling for bargains. The mall had opened for late-night shopping on Thursday but had to close down after chaos erupted, with women wrestling on the floor and ultimately being handcuffed by police.

Excessive? Sure. But all things considered, still better than starving under socialism.

On the other hand, The Los Angeles Times reports that Black Friday mayhem may be becoming a thing of the past thanks to online retailing, which is easing the crowds at stores. In Southern California, customers told the Times that stores and malls were less packed and more relaxed. An Omaha TV station reported a similar trend.

Unlike socialism, capitalism offers a mechanism for self-correction.