Berkeley May Allow Women to Go Topless Because Men Can

Gender equality is going to give men an eyeful.

Before 1994, it was not against the law in Berkeley, California, to walk around naked in public. Since then, however, decency has prevailed. But with all of the “free the nipple” campaigns led by feminists and the push for gender equality, city lawmakers are hoping to get Berkeley back to its hippieville status in no time.

The Berkeley city council is mulling over allowing nudity in public, because as ABC 7 noted, “The issue is seen as a matter of giving women equal rights to men, who are free to go around in public without a shirt on.”  

The report states that “several women raised the question about equalizing gender nudity laws” in allowing both men and women to go topless and be protected by law. A male councilman, Kriss Worthington, was all ears:

"I just don't think Berkeley should be defining (that) women are not allowed and men are allowed.”

The resolution, which will go before the council on September 12, will only apply to public places, allowing private business to refuse service for inappropriate attire.

But before anyone gets too excited about the possibility of seeing women naked for free, just remember the obesity rates are pretty high in the United States and otherwise, rabid feminists aren’t typically known as lookers.

It's just another reason to play it safe and stay away from Berkeley. Besides, the city may love free nipples, but it hates free speech.


Photo credit: Ozzy Delaney via / CC BY