Berkeley Butcher Shop Hangs Animal Rights Sign Under Duress

Or the shakedowns won't stop.

The Left are no different from the Mafia, shaking down and extorting anyone who stands in its way. Case in point: 

A Berkeley area butcher shop dubbed, well, The Local Butcher Shop, is being shaken down as we read this. Animal rights activists descended on the local business to demand it display a sign about how killing animals is violent and unjust. If the establishment doesn't comply? Oh, well, protesters will continue to cover themselves in fake blood and lie on the ground outside in an attempt to intimidate and shoo away customers. 

Berkeleyside reports

The Bay Area chapter of the national non-profit Direct Action Everywhere has protested — sometimes half-naked and covered in fake blood — while butchery classes are in session every Sunday since April. The group, which is also known as DXE,  says it will only hold two more protests if the new sign, which says, “Attention: Animals’ lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust, no matter how it’s done,” stays up for the next year.

Monica Rocchino, who owns The Local Butcher Shop with her husband and former Chez Panisse chef Aaron Rocchino, said she considers the deal extortion.

The couple first met with the activists in May to try to come up with a situation that would work for both parties. At first, said Rocchino, Direct Action Everywhere members said they would not stop protesting until Berkeley was meat-free and The Local Butcher Shop was out of business, but they all agreed to consider a compromise. The activists came back a couple weeks ago with other options, including putting the sign up in the window. The owners were able to negotiate the size and placement and the 15″ by 15″ sign now hangs in a corner, fairly easy to miss.

“The most palatable option to us was to put that sign up” instead of facing more demonstrations, she said. “The protests impacted the neighbors and local businesses more than it impacted us…so it felt like the most respectful thing to do.”

While they did not seem to deter customers, the demonstrations were anxiety-inducing and embarrassing for the butcher shop staff, Rocchino said.

To Bay Area omnivores, The Local Butcher Shop might seem like an odd target. The small Gourmet Ghetto shop emphasizes locally sourced and sustainably raised meat and encourages the use and consumption of the whole animal.

In response? Organizers of the protest displayed the same out of touch moral superiority they always do:  

"Is it extortion? Morally, of course, if you think this is pressure that shouldn’t be brought to bear," replied Christopher Kutz, who the outlet described as someone specializing in "moral, political and legal philosophy."

That, in itself is frightening. 

But, Kurtz defended, "it’s not enforceable as criminal extortion."

"Extortion also requires a demand of money or property. We feel we are bringing to the surface values that people already hold."

No. No in fact you are not, Kutz. You are just thugs.