Is Bashir Out at MSNBC Too?

Bashir out for second day in a row. MSNBC brass silent on possible punishment for Palin pejorative.

On the heels of homophobe Alec Baldwin’s reported ouster at MSNBC, misogynist Martin Bashir was missing for the second day in a row from the show that still carries his name.

Bashir was replaced by fill-in host Joy Reid again Tuesday, with no mention of a reason for the absence or any stated return date for the disgraced host.

MSNBC has made no announcement concerning Bashir’s ultimate fate, more than a week after Bashir suggested former Alaska governor Sarah Palin should have someone “s**t” and “p**s” in her mouth.

Bashir’s comments at the end of his show on Friday, November 15th were followed by an on-air apology at the beginning of the following Monday’s show. TruthRevolt helped lead the call for Bashir’s apology.

Sunday, Palin said she accepted Bashir’s apology, but next time wanted Bashir to go through her husband or son first.

One wonders, however, if Bashir’s absences this week, combined with the reported Baldwin firing, are part of a coordinated effort on behalf of MSNBC to distance itself from the hateful comments of two of its low-rated hosts.