Baltimore has Same Murder Rate as Venezuela

Congrats, guys!

Baltimore is trying its best to catch up to Chicago as one of America’s deadliest cities. Instead, it tied with the socialist paradise of Venezuela.

According to analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice, Baltimore’s murder rate is over four times the average of other US cities and exactly the same as Venezuela, with 57.2 murders per 100,000 residents.

Baltimore also boasts a murder rate 40% higher than Detroit, which came in second. Memphis bested Venezuela's neighbor, Colombia, with over 26.5 murders per 100,000. Chicago was fourth with just under 25 murders per 100,000.

Here’s the complete chart:


But Chicago still came out the “big winner,” according to Zero Hedge, with almost twice as many murders as Baltimore. Rahm Emanuel's city nearly reached 700 murders for 2017. Baltimore was a little friendlier with around 350. 

In an interesting and related side note, a decaying cow tongue was found hanging from a tree in a Chicago park this week. It was bound up with colorful ribbons and pierced with large nails and safety pins. Many considered it a message to the folks living in the luxury condos nearby. Animal tongues have long been used in South American countries as a way to send a message to someone that they need to keep their mouth shut or else. Democrats are doing a wonderful job here in the states turning their cities into crime havens, aren't they?

Another discovery in the analysis was that violence is increasing in western cities like San Francisco and Seattle while decreasing slightly in cities known for high-crime:


The Brennan Center for Justice calculated that crime in the top 30 US cities was down this year, but only by 2.7%. Better luck next year.