Baldwin: Can't Be Mean Enough To Trump

Actor calls for more scorn on president.

President Donald Trump may be the butt of jokes on every late night show and comedy special but for actor Alec Baldwin, who imitates Trump on Saturday Night Live, it is not enough, reports The Daily Mail.

'We can't be mean enough to this guy,' Baldwin told an audience Tuesday night at George Washington University, his alma mater, in downtown Washington, D.C. Baldwin was on campus promoting his faux Trump memoir 'You Can't Spell America Without Me' with his co-author Kurt Andersen, when he got 'a little bit serious' and bemoaned how the president is squandering a 'tremendous opportunity' by not appreciating the moment and the people he meets.

Baldwin said he thought taking office and the influence of his daughter Ivanka might have changed Trump:

'I thought he would take a deep breath and say, "I'm the president now," and begin to focus on, not only the power and the prestige and all of those kinds of tactile but more common perks and benefits of being president,' he said. 

Given Baldwin's strong lean to the political left it should come as no surprise that the actor is disappointed in Trump:

But, in the comedian's opinion, that hasn't happened. 'Forget about it,' Baldwin scoffed. 

Baldwin has mused about running politically in the past and is known for throwing hissy fits when Republicans win office. He threatened to move to Canada if George W. Bush won the presidency in 2000, but he never followed through despite the offer of a bus ticket from a Republican group.