The Atlantic Calls Out Obama for Race-Baiting in Voter ID Debate

Obama needs to "avoid racializing the issue."

The Atlantic criticized Barack Obama Monday for "racializing" the issue of voter suppression. Friday, Obama delivered a speech on the evils of voter suppression efforts at Al Sharpton's National Action Network, giving what The Atlantic calls "the right speech in the wrong place."

According to the article, Obama needs to make his case to "affluent and middle-class voters how and why tens of millions of their fellow citizens" have had their right to vote threatened because of states' efforts to require identification at the polling stations. Sharpton, and his network, need no more convincing:

The supporters of these laws say, correctly, that they do not discriminate on their face based upon race. That's why the president cannot allow this to become a black-versus-white issue, even though black and Hispanic advocates are rightfully concerned about the impact these laws are having on their communities. The notion that this is a racial issue is only reinforced when he stands with Al Sharpton and tells that audience what it already knows to be true.