Ashamed Teens on Flag Football Team Drop ‘Steelers’ Name, Changing to Honor Military

This is how it's done in America!

The interesting thing about protests is that people on both sides of the argument can participate. That’s why when a team of teenage flag football players saw their heroes in the NFL disrespecting the country, they decided to take action and hold a protest of their own.

The Staten Island Steelers talked with their coach about how they wanted to respond: they want to lay down their jerseys at the 50-yard line at their next game and reveal their new name and uniforms requested to honor the U.S. military.

Coach Lou Gelormino explained:

“After seeing the Pittsburgh Steelers refuse to come out of the locker room, we talked to our kids and they no longer want to play as the ‘Steelers’ because they’ve disrespected the national anthem, as well as the men and women who fought to protect this country.”

Instead of choosing a name from another team in the NFL, the kids want to be named after the West Point Military Academy. The league in which they play has offered to purchase the new uniforms for the team.

“I think it should be known that we respect everyone’s right to protest (in an appropriate way) and now we ask that everyone respect our right to protest also,” said the coach.

And that’s how it’s done, people.