Anti-Trump Billboard Goes up In Arizona: Mushroom Clouds, ’Dollar Swastikas’


On Friday in Phoenix, Arizona, an anti-Trump billboard went up featuring “dollar swastikas” and two mushroom clouds rising behind the president. (Look closely and you will see clown faces in the explosions.)

Artist Karen Fiorito took credit for the sign and posted images on Twitter and Facebook:


Fiorito said she made the billboard for those “who feel they don’t have a voice right now.” 

"I got the opportunity to have a platform to say something and I took that opportunity and I take full responsibly for it,” she added.

Inspiration for the piece came from her belief that the country is “headed down a road of destruction and apocalyptic destruction.”

One Phoenix resident liked what he saw and told Sky News, “I think this is the greatest thing that I've seen in a long time. I think everything Donald Trump is doing is destroying America from the inside."

However, another resident said, “Take it to your house. I live right here, I have to wake up to this every day. Disrespectful. I don't necessarily agree with the leader of our country, all the things going on, but I wouldn't not disrespect him or even any leader."

Oddly enough, the opposite side of the billboard is another piece by Fiorito:

Yes, a real unifying message with atomic bombs and Nazi symbolism.

Fiorito expected backlash and death threats. No word if she received the latter, but she definitely got called out on Twitter: