Anti-Semitic Sign Calls Yale a "Jew Hole" - University Fails to Respond


An extreme anti-Semitic sign referencing the extermination of the Jews was recently posted on a lamppost adjacent to the campus of Yale University—but the University does not appear to be taking the threat seriously.

The genocidal sign, which appeared near Yale-New Haven Hospital read, "YALE IS A JEW HOLE – LET'S ROUND THEM UP!!!" A local psychiatrist discovered the sign and reported it to the Anti-Defamation League and the New Haven Jewish Foundation.

As the Christian Examiner reports, Yale has repeatedly been a target for anti-Semitic vandalism. Last year, swastikas were spray painted on sidewalks outside of freshman dorms and were also previously found inked on message boards around campus.   

The timing of the sign may be related to a panel co-hosted by Yale’s William F. Buckley Jr. Program and the Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale on “Antisemitism in the 21st Century” which took place on campus just a couple days after the sign’s appearance.

In a response seemingly disproportional to the hateful content of the sign, the Christian Examiner reports that Yale University’s Office of Public Affairs declined to issue a statement responding to the incident because the sign was found outside of Yale’s official campus boundaries. One suspects that if the sign had expressed equivalent hostilities towards African-Americans or members of another minority group, Yale’s reaction would have been quite different.