Anti-Semitic Fascists Harass Jewish Speaker at University of Illinois

SJP strikes again.

A group of fascists who like to call themselves Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) stormed into a university classroom where Hen Mazzig, a former Israeli Defense Force officer, was giving a speech and proceeded to heckle and harass his every word.

Mazzig is currently on a campus tour and documented his experience this week at the University of Illinois on Twitter:



Mazzig’s followers were outraged by what has been allowed to fester and grow on college campuses:









Mazzig's name and service in the IDF is regularly slandered in the UK press. They like to use the sinister sounding "agent" when recognizing his service in the IDF:

In his speaking engagements, Mazzig uses his “unique background” which includes family “from Iraq and North Africa (Berber Jews from Tunisia)” and “the story of 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries.”

His bio adds:

As a young Israeli, Hen served in the IDF for almost five years as an openly gay commander. During his service as a lieutenant in the COGAT unit, he worked as an intermediary between the Israeli Defense Forces (the IDF), the Palestinian Authority, the UN, and the many non-governmental organizations that work in the West Bank. Hen’s unit was responsible for overseeing the construction of medical facilities, schools, environmental projects, roads, water-related infrastructure, and for security coordination with the Palestinian Security Forces, part of the Palestinian Authority.

From 2013-2015, Hen was the Campus Coordinator for StandWithUs in the Pacific Northwest, during which he fought BDS on college campuses and in communities.

For these anti-Semitic fascists, being Israeli is bad enough, but Mazzig's resume really incites the SJP totalitarians.