Anthem Performers Now Joining On-Field Protests

It can only get worse from here.

Performers of "The Star-Spangled Banner" are now joining in the anti-America protests by taking knees during their renditions. This happened during two Sunday games with the Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans.

As TruthRevolt reported last week, NFL players have brought the protests from the sidelines onto the field by raising black power fists after plays. Of course, now, they are staying hidden in their safe spaces (locker rooms) as the anthem plays. But the on-field antics inspired singer Meghan Linsey, a runner-up on NBC’s The Voice, to join in another very visible protest. She and her guitarist dropped to their knees at the ending note of the song. Watch above.

That turned out not to be a very original idea as another lesser-known singer from Detroit, Rico Lavelle, dropped to his knee while singing the last word of “and the home of the brave.” His addition was to raise a black power fist to the confusion of the little boys around him who just wanted to wave their flags.


Expect more of the same as we go forward. It’s only going to get worse. But the good news is, there will be fewer and fewer people watching so the protests ought to fall as flat as the notes they often sing.