Andrea Mitchell Uses Charleston Shooting To Bash The Entire South


Backward, southern, hick, redneck racists would be offended today if they had televisions, thanks to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, who took the occasion of the heinous murders in Charleston, SC, to suggest that that entire region of the United States suffers from an inability of white people to work with black people.

Yes, apparently down in the non-enlightened states, Americans have yet to experience the amazing 21st century racial harmony of Yankee cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and Ferguson, where long-standing racial divides have been healed. Luckily for them, Andrea Mitchell is here to set everyone straight. Everyone with all their teeth who is not married to a sibling, that is.

At MSNBC, they never let a crisis to go to waste. Or a tragedy. Fortunately, no one in South Carolina, or indeed other parts of America, actually watches that network anyway.