Andrea Mitchell Affirms Obama's Swipe At Netanyahu: 'Take That, Bibi'

On Monday's Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC, host Andrea Mitchell backed President Obama's opposition to allowing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress this close to the Israeli elections saying, "Take that, Bibi."

Speaking with The New York Times' Mark Landler shortly after Obama's Monday press conference in which he laid out his opposition, Mitchell said:

[T]he other point here was that he was asked about this very controversial visit by Benjamin Netanyahu two weeks before an Israeli election. A gathering of Democrats, House and Senate, are now saying they're going to boycott this speech. They see it as a political invitation by John Boehner. The Israelis are now saying, 'Well, Boehner told us the Democrats were behind it, we didn't know it would be this toxic.' But no sign, yet, that Netanyahu is backing off of it. And the president very pointedly said, 'We have this protocol. We don't invite leaders. If Angela Merkel had an election in two weeks, she wouldn't be here right now and my bet is that she wouldn't have asked to come.'

Take that, Bibi.

Landler agreed that Obama took a "definite swipe at Bibi" and called it "the diplomatic equivalent of bad manners." Noting the "deep disagreement" Obama and Netanyahu hold on the Iranian nuclear talks, Landler said, "That was a tough tone all around on the Israeli prime minister."

Mitchell recently hit back at Obama over his controversial remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast in which he compared radical Islam to the Crusades. She chided the president for choosing such a venue to make a point "so out of context." But apparently when it comes to relations with Israel, Mitchell fully backs the president.