Anderson Cooper Blares: Trump ‘Tired of So Many Black People’ Coming to U.S.

From the shithole that is CNN.

Anderson Cooper held nothing back on his CNN program Thursday evening when he called President Trump a racist for reportedly describing places like Haiti and Africa as “shithole countries.”

Cooper tore in right off the bat:

“Good evening. The president of the United States is tired of so many black people coming to this country. Tired of immigrants from Haiti and Africa being allowed in…

"Tired of Africans and Haitians, the president went on to say he would like to bring more people from countries like Norway. Norway, whose population is overwhelmingly of Nordic descent. White people, in other words.”

Cooper also said the president’s sentiments would be well received among his supporters. White people, in other words:

"Perhaps the White House feels the president's remarks will be well-received in some parts of this country, among some parts of the president's base, and perhaps that is true. But it doesn't make what he said any less ignorant or any less racist. Not racial. Not racially charged, racist. Let's not kid ourselves. Let's not pretend or dance around it. The sentiment the president expressed today is a racist sentiment.”

Watch below:



H/T Real Clear Politics