Anchor Wars: CNN, Fox Hosts Exchange Barbs Over Dunn Verdict

Don Lemon, Greg Jarret get testy on Twitter

Well, that escalated quickly. Fox News anchor Greg Jarrett took exception Sunday with the reaction of CNN host Don Lemon to the Michael Dunn verdict, and criticized Lemon in a series of tweets.

Per the tweets, Jarrett didn't care for what he called Lemon's lack of objectivity:









Lemon responded, and in doing so likened Jarret's criticism to Dunn's criminal behavior. Lemon sent a tweet to Mediaite, saying "wow someone is suffering from a bad case of the michael dunns. Guess my tv's too loud...mind ur business old man."

The tweet no longer appears on Lemon's timeline, but can be seen in a screen grab by Mediaite here.

Jarrett, for his part, fired back.