Alec Baldwin Says God 'Wants Us to Impeach Trump’

Alec is not the Baldwin brother who typically claims to hear from God.

The Baldwin family is rich in talent: Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen have all become actors. By far, the most famous has been the oldest – Alec -- who’s had roles over the years in everything from Knots Landing to The Hunt for Red October to 30 Rock. Though he’s received more Screen Actors Guild awards than any other male performer, his career had begun to wane. However, he managed to gain temporary notoriety by depicting Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live during the 2016 Presidential campaign season.

Now that Trump was elected – in spite of the liberal Baldwin’s best efforts – Alec tried to get attention by telling America that God told him that we need to impeach Donald Trump.



Alec is not characterized by his deep faith; that honor would belong to his brother Stephen who came to faith after the 9/11 attacks. Known in Hollywood as a “Jesus Freak,” Stephen insists that he and Alec get along in spite of their political differences.

“I think you cannot discount the power of the DNA,” he told TheBlaze. He explained the brothers are patient and tolerant of each other above all else.  “We’re just sort of four kind of dumb jocks from Long Island that just happened to figure this thing out — and make a career out of it.”

Many were surprised that, of all the Baldwin brothers, it was Alec who took to Twitter to discuss his conversations with God… and liberals on Twitter responded with their usual charm:

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Image Credit: WikiCommons