Video: College Students Say Term 'Radical Islam' Too Offensive

It's "definitely wrong."

During a recent man-on-the-street interview session with the site Campus ReformGeorge Washington University students were asked how they feel about the term "radical Islam."

Their answers are as you'd imagine. CR reports: 

We asked students in D.C. if they think the words "radical Islam" are too offensive to use... It's clear they'd prefer we refrain from using such "offensive" words.

Last month’s terror attacks in London killed dozens and renewed the debate over the use of the term “Radical Islam.” 

Quickly, it became clear that students found the phrase abrasive and unnecessary.

“No, that’s definitely wrong,” one student asserted emphatically.

Another student objected that “the term radical Islam isn’t often assigned to any other religion; it’s only used with Islam,” but when pressed to name any terrorist attacks committed in the name of other religions, the student conceded that “I can’t name any off the top of my head, actually.”

What's ironic is that many of these same students would likely have no qualms singling out Christianity for rebuke when a baker refuses to fashion a same-sex wedding cake.