Alabama State Rep Seeks Law to Arm Teachers

Here’s some “action” for all you leftists.

Alabama State Rep. Will Ainsworth is answering the Left’s call to action on gun control by seeking a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns on campus.

ABC 33/40 reports:

The legislation would likely allow for public schools to designate some employees to undergo training and have concealed carry access.

In a release, Ainsworth said, "More gun control will not stop someone who is intent upon inflicting harm in our schools, but someone who is properly trained and armed with the right equipment certainly can. It is my hope that passage of this legislation can be fast-tracked once it has been introduced.”

The bill can’t come soon enough because just one day after another tragic shooting at a public high school in Florida, a student at Talladega High School in Alabama brought a gun with him in his backpack. Again from ABC 33/40:

A student, 18, was reportedly seen behaving suspiciously and his backpack was searched. A gun was found in the backpack and the student was taken into custody.

The school was placed on lockdown and Talladega Police then conducted a thorough search at the high school. No other weapons were found. Talladega Police applauded the Talladega Board of Education for the "quick response to this incident to ensure the safety of our school children."

This exact scenario played out in Florida also on Thursday. An anonymous tip was sent into Palm Beach Lakes High School that a student was armed on campus. When the student was confronted by officers he attempted to escape on foot. School police located two guns nearby where the student ran. 

If arming teachers isn't enough action, encouraging kids across America to speak up when something seems off will do more than any single gun law. Unfortunately, the FBI was warned about the Florida school shooter and did nothing. There's still some swamp to be drained.