Al-Qaeda Calls on Muslims to ‘Attack Jews and Americans

Muslims “must kill every Jew, by running him over, or stabbing him, or by using against him any weapon, or by burning their homes.”

A senior al-Qaeda leader called on Muslims to attack Jews and Americans, Israeli news outlets report. In a propaganda video, Khalid Batarfi (pictured above), the leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen, urged “Muslims in America and the Western countries” to carry out such attacks.

While the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq has been getting much of the media attention and attracting a large number of terrorist recruits, al-Qaeda remains active across the Muslim world. Al- Qaeda affiliates are operating terrorist bases in several Islamic countries, including Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Despite crippling setbacks to its network and operational capacities in Afghanistan following the U.S. military intervention, al-Qaeda remains a serious terrorist threat. The terror group carried out some 50 terror attacks last year alone. In January 2015, terrorists belonging to ‘al-Qaeda in Yemen’ carried out an attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, murdering 12 people.

Israeli broadcaster Arutz Sheva covered the terror group Al-Qaeda’s latest threats:

A senior Al-Qaeda leader has called on Muslims "everywhere" to rise up and kill Jews and Americans in response to US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

In a video released Monday, Khalid Batarfi said Trump's decision was "a declaration of a new Jewish-Crusader war" and every Muslim had a duty to "liberate" the holy city, the SITE Intelligence monitoring group reported.

"No Muslim has the right to cede Jerusalem no matter what happens," said Batarfi, a top commander with the group's powerful Yemen-based branch. "Only a traitor would give it up or hand it over." "Let them [Muslims] rise and attack the Jews and the Americans everywhere," he said, in the 18-minute video entitled "Our Duty Towards Our Jerusalem". (…)

In the video, Batarfi dismissed US allies' protests as not genuine and "nothing but dust thrown in the eyes".

"The greatest responsibility lies upon the Muslims in America and the Western countries in the world," he said.

"The Muslims inside the occupied land must kill every Jew, by running him over, or stabbing him, or by using against him any weapon, or by burning their homes."

The threat from al-Qaeda comes just days after Vice President Mike Pence wrapped up his four-day Middle East tour. It was the highest-ranking visit by a U.S. official to the region since President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In a speech to the Israeli parliament on Monday, Vice President Pence announced the administration’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem by 2019.

President Trump had refused to revise his stance on Jerusalem, despite a hostile UN resolution and a series of angry protests in European and Arab cities. The latest vice presidential visit reiterates the Trump administration’s unwavering support for a trusted U.S. ally in the face of terror and intimidation.