Al Franken Groping Woman on Billboard Pops Up in LA

Sabo strikes again.

Los Angeles street artist Sabo has struck again, this time outdoing himself with a billboard-sized, groping Al Franken.

Sabo extracted Franken out of the now-infamous picture showing him grabbing the breasts of a sleeping Leeann Tweeden, blew him up larger than life, and added him to the billboard advertising the upcoming Hugh Jackman film, The Greatest Showman, which features a female circus performer.

Sabo posted his efforts on Twitter:



Pulling this off wasn't cheap, as Sabo explains:


But it definitely paid off by being picked up by The Hollywood Reporter and The Washington Times, which ran a headline renaming the film ad, “Greatest Groper:”




Prior to this stunt, Sabo crashed an anti-Trump exhibit with a "deplorables" sign:



Sabo is so pro-Trump, he said:


Sabo describes himself as “the only true rebel artist in LA” because his politics are outside the Hollywood bubble. Keep up the good work!