Air Force Filing Error Allowed Texas Church Shooter to Buy Weapon

Another law wouldn’t have stopped this mass shooting.

The Left would like to believe that additional laws on the books would have prevented Devin Kelley from committing mass murder at the Baptist church in Texas on Sunday, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only did Kelley break the no murder-law 26 times, he also lied on his background check when purchasing the Ruger AR-556 back in 2016 which was used in the massacre. But now it has been revealed that had the shooter’s previous domestic violence conviction been properly filed, he would have never been able to purchase the firearm in the first place.

NBC News reports that while serving in the Air Force, Kelley assaulted his first wife and their child, which fractured the infant’s skull. He served a one year-sentence and was downgraded in rank and given a bad conduct discharge. However, the court-martial was never filed which would have prevented him from ever owning a weapon.

The report notes:

Kelley's name should have been entered in the National Criminal Information Center, Stefanek said, but the Special Investigations Office at Holloman failed to transmit the domestic violence charges.

That would have alerted whoever sold Kelley his weapons that he was ineligible to own firearms under the 1996 Lautenberg Amendment, which bars anyone convicted of domestic violence — even misdemeanors — from getting access to guns.

This oversight has opened a “complete review of the Kelley case” by the Air Force chief of staff, Gen. David Goldfein. The military branch will also review all other records to ensure reports have been filed for other disciplined airmen.

The laws in place didn’t stop Kelley from committing mass murder. One more, two more, ten more, or 50 more would’ve made no difference. Do we need a law that says fracturing an infant’s skull is illegal, or can we just all agree that Kelley was just a terrible human being?