After Drooling Over North Korean Dictator, CNN Still Thinks It’s Legit News Source

One bad apples spoils the whole bunch.

CNN can’t stop using fruit to convince us they’re a legitimate news source.

On Wednesday, CNN dropped another apple ad just in time for Valentine’s Day. This go around used even more apples to prove CNN is all about “#FactsFirst.”

It’s hard to make that “case” in the same week CNN had a love fest with the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. CNN drooled all over Hailing Kim Yo Jong, equating her as North Korea’s Ivanka Trump, that she was “stealing the show” at the Olympics, and that her “diplomatic dance… would be favored to win gold.”

Never mind that Jong oversees the gulags and helps her brother plan the starvation menus. But you know, fruit and facts first!

Thankfully, CNN is getting its due mockery on Twitter, just as they did the last time they rolled out their fact fruit. At this rate, we will see these ads once a month: