African Studies Final Exam Questions Slam Trump, Exalt Hillary

It wasn’t even material studied in the class.

Students enrolled in an African Studies class at California State University-Northridge were asked two very biased questions about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the online final exam even though it wasn’t something covered in the course.

Professor Karin Stanford teaches the course called “American Political Institutions: A Black Perspective.” Campus Reform received photos of the test questions and spoke to an anonymous student who doesn’t “recall learning any anti-Trump rhetoric in class nor in the textbook reading.” 

The questions and answers were presented in such a way that students could only conclude: Trump is bad, Hillary is good. Here are the pictures of the questions:

“The class is online-based, so the professor has not had a political bias for the most part and neither did the chapter readings, so it was really surprising to see this material on the final exam,” the anonymous student said. “It was pretty random and annoying. Like, don’t try and make me think a certain way, because everyone’s view is different.”

Um, not when you take a course promising a view from only the “black perspective.”