Adam Carolla Takes On Patent Trolls

Popular Podcasts Under Attack

Comedian Adam Carrolla is raising money to protect podcasts like his from the threat of patent trolls. The announcement came during an appearance on Ben Shapiro's radio show. Carolla's podcast is among the most popular on the internet, and as such, faces threats from people who sue over a variety of issues:

In Carolla’s case, a law firm that purports to own a patent on a playlist is suing him. Many patent trolls rely on their prey simply giving in, settling the case before it goes to court for a hefty sum or even a share of a business.

“They’ve messed with the wrong hombre because we’re fighting,” he told Shapiro. “We’re getting the entire podcast community together. Once we win, they’ll never be able to sue another podcast.”

Carolla is hoping to raise $1.5 million dollars to help his and other podcast hosts afford the legal fees necessary to defend themselves against the threat of patent trolls. He told Shapiro that, unlike other podcast hosts who just give in, he plans on fighting back.