Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces Breast Cancer, Pushes Socialized Medicine

EVERYTHING gets politicized. Jeez!

A little over a week ago, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus happily walked across the Emmy Awards stage for a record-breaking sixth time to receive a statue for best actress in a comedy for her starring role in Veep. On Thursday, she made the somber announcement that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The actress, who shot to superstardom in the '90s playing Elaine Benes throughout nine seasons of Seinfeld, is known for using her many acceptance speeches at awards shows as a platform to espouse her leftist politics. She has been highly critical of President Trump and has stated that though she loves the United States, she is “horrified by its blemishes.” Political statements have eked into every facet of life these days, and it’s become expected for a Hollywood star to eat up valuable screen time to bash conservatism. However, Louis-Dreyfus thought making the tragic announcement was an opportune time to push socialized medicine, thus proving nothing is off limits from being turned political.


Photo credit: Peabody Awards via / CC BY-SA