Actress Hopes Trump Sees New Holocaust Movie So He’ll Be More Compassionate to Refugees

“Heroes aren’t just the ones that fight and use aggression.”

Actress Jessica Chastain stars in the upcoming film The Zookeeper’s Wife, which tells the story of how Antonina Zabinski and her husband, Dr. Jan Zabinski, hid 300 Polish Jews at the Warsaw Zoo during World War II. It’s a story she feels could really benefit the Trump administration.

At a special screening at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. this week, Chastain told the crowd she hoped President Trump and his team would watch this movie and let it teach them how to be compassionate toward refugees:

“I think the more depictions we have, the more recognition of people who have used compassion to push up against hate — the stronger it makes society…I think nothing would benefit this administration more than seeing a film like this…I’m very excited to share Antonina's message with the world. She was a refugee, fled violence in Russia, found her safe place in Warsaw and then created a sanctuary for others fleeing violence, and it’s a good inspiration for how we should live our lives.”

“Heroes aren’t just the ones that fight and use aggression,” the actress added. “Heroes can also use compassion and fight clean.”

In the months since she was a participant in the Women’s March against Trump, Chastain was pleased to portray a strong woman in world history:

“A story about a powerful woman is always important… [the film] showcases an incredible woman in our history that had been forgotten.

“I grew up not learning a lot about women in history. I learned about a lot of men in history, but not women.”

As Newsbusters noted, Chastain recently spoke to Katie Couric and not-so-subtly labeled the president an adversary to women.

“Sometimes you need an adversary to wake yourself up,” Chastain said. “Now, I’ve noticed… people realizing if one group is being discriminated against, all groups are. And I think that is from having an adversary.”