Actress Amber Tamblyn: Those Accused of Sexual Assault Shouldn't Be Innocent Until Proven Guilty

"When it comes to sexual assault, I believe in suspect until proven innocent."

Feminist actress and activist Amber Tamblyn has a novel idea: men accused of sexual assault should not have the right to due process.

The Joan of Arcadia star posted to Twitter:

"People keep asking me if I believe in innocent until proven guilty. When it comes to sexual assault, I believe in suspect until proven innocent. Goodnight."

Fellow tweeters responded by pointing out that due process is an American right guaranteed by the Constitution. Tamblyn's response was simple:

“People still ask me this. As if I’m a court of law. So, this is my thought on it.”

So, one must be a "court of law" in order to believe in fairness?

The #MeToo movement has jumped the shark, easily exemplified by the recent accusation of sexual assault against comedian Aziz Ansari for what HLN's Ashleigh Banfield called "a bad date."

Tamblyn seems to be confused herself -- in response to a recent accusation against her husband for making a "racist" gesture toward an Asian-American actress, she told Buzzfeed:

“David can feel emphatically that what he did was not racist, or a racist gesture, and I believe that’s true. I know that can be true for him. I also know that a joke that he might say to a Zach Galifianakis or a Michael Cera, when you say that to a young Asian-American woman, you have changed the conversation. Context is everything.”


The bottom line is, despite what is trendy at the moment in Hollywood or the media, not all accused are guilty, and not all accusers are truthful. In every situation, everyone should be innocent until proven guilty. That is justice; and just as importantly, it is wholly and intrinsically American.