Actor Ron Perlman Willing to Die For the #Resistance

Be our guest.

Like a lot of actors, Ron Perlman, probably best-known for his hit TV series Beauty and the Beast in the late '80s and more recently The Sons of Anarchy, spends a great deal of time on social media spewing irrationality and anger impotently in the general direction of President Donald Trump. But Perlman wants you to know that he's willing to be more than just a keyboard activist -- he's ready to lay down his life for the #Resistance!

Our friend Christian Toto at Hollywood In Toto reports that Perlman tweeted about his willingness to give his utmost for the country -- or Country with a capital C, as he put it:

"Let’s get it straight muthafuckas," he posted, cursing so you'll know he's serious about this and a tough guy. "I’m at the end of a great life."

He's 67.

"I’m good," he continues. "It’s my kids I fight for. Mine and yours. And if dying for my Country is what’s in order, I’m ready."

It's unclear why Perlman thinks he would find himself in a position to die opposing the Trump administration, but like many actors, he's probably of the common Progressive delusion that Trump is ushering in a new Hitlerian fascism and that the commoners will look to celebrities to lead the revolution in the streets against the alt-right brownshirts of the government.

Remember also that actors are fond of making dramatic political promises that they then wimp out on, like moving to Canada if a Republican becomes president. Many an actor has gotten our hopes up about this but never followed through.

So if celebrities can't bring themselves even to move to Canada over politics, it's a sure bet that not one of them will be sacrificing his or her life over it, either. Actors are too narcissistic to sacrifice themselves for anything. Some of Perlman's Twitter respondents pointed this out to him:


One fan took Perlman seriously enough to offer some useful advice for action beyond just virtue-signaling:

Nice sentiment, Ron, but let's stop pretending that the #Resistance is ever actually going to take to the streets, and that celebrities -- even tough-talking ones -- are ever going to lead the charge. Just accept that all we want from you is to entertain us. It's not a bad gig if you can get it.