ABC's 'Scandal' Demands Controversial Statues Taken Down

"I'll sleep in the freezing cold until this statue comes down."

As any reader of TruthRevolt knows, the Left regularly uses the arena of entertainment to subtly or heavy-handedly promote leftist values and denigrate conservatives. The latest example: Thursday night's episode of the leftist megaphone Scandal, which took on the hot topic of historical statues.

In the episode, ex-president Fitzgerald Grant moves to a small town in Vermont, where a protester is sleeping beneath the statue of a Revolutionary War general and slave owner in order to convince the mayor to have it removed. Because, you know, rewriting history—until everyone left in it follows a single set of values—is the antidote to modern sensitive feelings. Controversy ensues:

Reporter:  You've been sleeping underneath this statue for 10 days now. Tell everyone why.

Steve:  It's time America confronted its violent, racist history. General Raymond Cyst was a Revolutionary War hero, but he was also one of the most heinous and vindictive slave owners on record. He fathered slaves, which simply sugarcoats the truth. This man raped women he held captive and imprisoned his own children. Why is that not documented alongside this monument? Why, as a black man, should I be asked to celebrate someone who would have gladly kept me in chains?

Reporter:  Certainly a hot take, but how long are you planning on staying out here?

Steve:  I'll sleep in the freezing cold until this statue comes down. 

Reporter:  There you have it. I'm Chad Buddenholzer.

Fitzgerald is made aware of the earnest protester and becomes his biggest fan— Grant pulls strings, and the statue is taken down. He also commends the activist for “doing the right thing,” confirming the message that America is evil and needs to erase history until our country is absolved of its sins. And incidentally: he thinks we haven’t confronted our racist history? We didn't do that in the Civil War, or in the civil rights movement, or by electing a black President twice? No country on earth has done more to confront its history.

The Scandal installment makes the protester's objections more sympathetic by making his target a rapist, but the statues under attack in the real world are of historical figures whose lives and legacy aren't so clear-cut. And most Americans don't want those statues removed.

Such episodes are not only a reminder that Hollywood is severely left-wing; they’re also an indication that the land of moral posturing and behind-the-veneer sexual harassment has no respect for those in its audience with whom it disagrees.