Former Democrat Star Parker Calls Out Race-Baiting Lies of the Left

“The Perception of Racism business is where you find all 'black leaders’ today."

It’s been 54 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech, championing—and hoping for—a day when all people would be judged according to their character rather than their race. Sadly, since King’s demise, self-appointed “black leaders” have devoted themselves to the big business of making certain King’s dream never comes true. And in virtually every every case, these demagogic fearmongers have done so in the name of King and as agents of the Democratic Party.

One black former Democrat saw the light, and she’s since been outspokenly against the egregious attempts of the Left to keep our country divided. In an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, Star Parker gave her thoughts on today’s so-called black leaders and the state of race in America: 

“Are we more race conscious, or should we be beyond where we are, in terms of discussion? Oh absolutely…one of the challenges that we have is, the perception of racism has become big business — billion-dollar big business. You know, it’s one thing to talk about racism; it’s another to talk about the perception of racism. Because the Perception of Racism business is where you find all black leaders today."  

Star called out one self-appointed leader by name, giving examples of the payday waiting for those who work against MLK’s legacy in order to deepen their own pockets:

“The Perception of Racism business is what shakes down corporations at $450 million, like Jesse Jackson did with Toyota; (or) $650 million, like they did to Nissan.”

According to Parker, the White House occupancy of the Left’s beloved Barack Obama made matters much worse with regard to race relations. “We had our 8 years of a president who made sure that everything he saw was through a racial lens,” she lamented.  Furthermore, she pointed out that much of King’s Dream has come true, despite the narrative constantly preached by the Left:

“The Civil Rights Movement was won — the barriers were removed. Dr King’s movement was about repentance and revival; but this new…'social justice' generation — they want revenge and redistribution.  And that only comes from feeding into this narrative that racism is everywhere…There are some people that want revenge — they want vengeance.  They do not want to become American or Americanized; the hatred is that embedded.”

Parker contrasted the race-baiters on the left with the religious contingent of black Americans, noting that many of the answers sought by those desirous of unity are spiritual in nature:

“But you don’t find that in the black evangelical Christian world; you don’t find that in the black Catholic world. What you find are people that are really trying to reconcile ourselves to America — this is our country too…But that message is often met by the hard black Left that drives people like Black Lives Matter that do not want integration; they do not want a place where everybody says, ‘Why should i hate all white people because you do?’ And then they get mad at you for not hating all white people because they do…So that comes down to spiritual questions.”

The former Democrat bemoaned the racially divisive proselytization in our public schools, and cited school choice as an answer to some of America’s racial ills:

“I think we can win that battle as well, because i think that most Americans — in particular that millennial generation — they don’t want to have to buy that narrative (of America's evil, pervasive, and institutionalized racism).  But it’s so pushed into our schools now that if you don’t divide up right away, you have some real challenges.  Black youth are almost forced into this black narrative and hatred, if they want any friends.  And that’s one of the reasons that we really need school choice, so that people who just want to live free, can."

Lastly, Star claimed that, despite the messages of the Left, capitalism is at the heart of success for blacks, and it has been from the beginning. She summed up her recipe for black success by emphasizing spirituality, liberty, and love of country:

“I study enough black history to know that most of [the Left's] narrative about what really happened during the time of black struggle is a lie...When you look at most of the black leaders during the time of even abolitionists and others, they had Christianity in their lives.  They loved capitalism, and they appealed to the Constitution. These are the three things that make America really, really work well throughout the world…and they work for blacks.”

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, which she founded in 1995.

Photo credit: Σταύρος via / CC BY-NC