This 98-Year-Old Grandma Does More for Soldiers than Most

Thank you for your dedicated service, ma’am.

Alleen Cooper has done more to boost the moral of U.S. soldiers than most Americans. She doesn’t just say she supports the troops, she actually does it. And at 98 years old, the rest of us have no excuse to simply pay lip service.

After her son went off to war in Vietnam, Cooper began writing him letters. But soon after, she wrote letters to other soldiers in Vietnam, as well, and she has been doing it ever since. At current count, she has sent over 7,000 handwritten letters to servicemen and women, many of whom never receive letters at all.

"All of the time I think of these people and their families at home," Cooper said to KTRK in Lakewood, California.

Cooper sends encouraging messages in her letters: “I wish you safe every step of the way" and "God bless you all."

She recalls a correspondence with one soldier in Florida who had to get a new ear. She wrote him letters because she knew he was “very, very depressed.”

Many times, Cooper includes newspaper clippings and jokes. In return, she has received notes of appreciation and flags from the various bases. 

“I have decided that I’m going to write as long as I can,” Cooper vowed. 

This is doing life right and making your country proud.

Bravo, Ms. Cooper.