38-Year-Old Pedophile Claims He Likes Kids Because He’s ‘Trans-Age

Here's your endgame, leftists.

A Chicago man has been accused of molesting three young girls over the last three years and his excuse fits quite well in this loose age of leftist identity. Though Joseph Roman is 38, he identifies as a young boy. He’s what you call “trans-age.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Roman is accused of repeated sexual assaults against girls aged 6 and 8. Prosecutors say he was known by their families and was considered a friend. When police asked him about his crimes he claimed to be “a 9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.” Yes, because real 9-year-olds are having sex with 6-year-olds.

Here is what Roman has admitted to: he assaulted the 6-year-old soon after her family moved into Roman’s home. The assaults occurred between August 2015 and December 2017 while the families slept. In October of 2016, Roman assaulted an 8-year-old victim also while the family was living with him.

The Tribune adds, “Her mother worked a night shift, and Roman would help take care of the children, prosecutors said. One attack occurred while two younger children were in the room watching a video on a cellphone, prosecutors said. The attacks continued after the family moved out.”

Roman assaulted another 6-year-old girl over the last year. Again, the mother was living in his home and he attacked when she slept. Roman’s crimes were finally brought to light on January 6 when this girl’s family, and another victim’s family, confronted him. 

After admitting to everything on video, Roman was charged with a Class X felony.

Welcome to the identity age, where anything goes, because who are we to say he isn’t 9 years old?

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