25th Amendment: The Latest Left-Wing Fantasy for Removing Trump

"It lays out the path for removal of the president!"

As the biased mainstream media moves farther and farther away from the concept of actual news, it seems the left-wing talking heads can’t help wasting ample airtime pontificating, strategizing, and downright dreaming of finding some way — any way at all — to undo the results of the presidential election they lost.

CNN leftist Wolf Blitzer and dedicated Democrat Chris Matthews of MSNBC both dropped some drool this week over the latest scheme on the part of Trump naysayers to oust him despite his election win: the 25th Amendment.  Originally mentioned by Steve Bannon in an interview for Vanity Fair, the 25th took front and center when Blitzer asked correspondent Jessica Schneider exactly what the amendment does.  According to Schneider:

“It lays out the path for removal of the president in cases of 'inability.'  And that’s a term that has never been defined or suggested.  So, here’s what exactly would need to happen to set the 25th Amendment in motion.” 

Schneider went on to say that in order for the President to be removed, a majority of Republicans in his cabinet as well as in Congress would have to openly reject him and deem him unfit for his duties.  Despite the obvious fact that that would never happen, Blitzer made it through a follow-up question, his desperate voice lifted by the wind of irrational hope:

“In that Vanity Fair article — I think all of us have read it by now. Sources describe the President… as unraveling, increasingly unfocused, and consumed by dark moods.  So what’s the likelihood — I think it's pretty remote — of that becoming the implementation of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution?”

On MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Mathhews fantasized with Howard Fineman. 

“Chris, I`m going to make the assumption that Donald Trump has now actually read the 25th Amendment and presuming he has, he might want to start being careful about who he puts on the cabinet,” Fineman said.  

“Because they can knock him out,” Matthews hoped out loud, feeling a familiar thrill run up his leg.

It remains to be seen whether the Left will still be trying to undermine the voting populous and our system of democracy in the fourth year of Donald Trump’s first presidential term.  Perhaps by then, they’ll have realized that the best way to get a Republican out of the White House isn’t to plot and scheme; it’s to present a candidate to the voters who isn’t known for doing those things.


Photo credit: Michael Vadon via Foter.com / CC BY-SA