Torossian: Thank You, Vice President Pence

"Israel is not just our strongest ally in the region... Israel is our most cherished ally in the world.”

"Thank you, Vice President Mike Pence," are the words every friend of Israel should say today as the Vice President of the United States has arrived on an official visit to the Jewish state. Thank you for standing with Israel, for recognizing that Jerusalem is its capital, and for your many years of support for the State of Israel.

This support is not something new for Pence. In 2004 he sponsored House Bill H.Con.Res371, which supported the construction by Israel of a security fence to prevent Palestinian terrorist attacks. During the 111th Congress (2009-2011), he supported the Jerusalem Embassy act and advocated defunding the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees.

Since being elected, Pence has said that this administration would "make America and Israel safe again" and would "stand side-by-side with the Jewish people.” In a taped broadcast, Pence said, "Israel is not just our strongest ally in the region. As I've said for so many years, Israel is our most cherished ally in the world.” This year at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference, Pence noted that Americans must stand with Israel, “because her cause is our cause, her fight is our fight.”

The Trump administration deserves thanks for its steadfast support for Israel. Put simply, this administration has proven to be good friends to Israel and all those who stand with Israel should say thank you to Vice President Pence.

Ronn Torossian (pictured above with VP Pence) is a Public Relations executive and serves on the Vice Chairman’s Council of the Republican Jewish Coalition.