Torossian: Bridgegate Trial Likely To Affect Chris Christie Legacy

"I've been investigated by everybody for the last three years and no one has ever been able to prove I knew anything or had any role in this."

This week, media reports will dominate as we see the start of the Bridgegate trial – and front and center will be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whose staffers are accused of closing access lanes to the George Washington Bridge as an “act of political revenge…” Of course the questions will come: “How much did he know?” “When did he know?” “Was this all an act of revenge or just a coincidence?” It’s been three years, and with opening statements in federal court this week, all the speculation will be brought into court.

While Christie will clamor for full exoneration, even though he’s not a defendant at the trial, this case can define Christie’s legacy and future.

Christie staffers are accused of the crime, which Christie says left him “heartbroken.”

Earlier in the week, Christie claimed that Bridgegate was a factor in him not receiving Trump’s VP nod, and said he had nothing to fear about former aides taking the stand this week, telling Politico,

"I've been investigated by everybody for the last three years, and no one has ever been able to prove that I knew anything or had any role in this and this trial will just confirm that, but there will be critics who will never want to believe that ’cause they want to believe something different.”

As a Public Relations executive, I think if there’s evidence presented and the overwhelming narrative shows that Chris Christie knew about Bridgegate it will affect any appointment Christie may receive in a Trump White House or a presidential run in 2020.

Christie’s ride on Donald Trump’s bandwagon could be his last national PR ride if this trial reveals that he indeed was involved in blocking the George Washington Bridge – affecting hundreds of thousands of peoples daily commute, Democrat and Republican alike.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.