Stand With Israel: No Appeasement of Iran

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On November 24, 2013, western powers, led by President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, agreed to a deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran -- the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world today -- that betrays our allies in the State of Israel and all but guarantees a nuclear-armed Iran.

The deal lifts billions of dollars of crippling sanctions against Iran, undermines countless UN resolutions levied against it, and tacitly acknowledges its self-declared right to pursue a nuclear program. In exchange for this, the west gets nothing, or perhaps worse than nothing -- an unenforceable bureaucratic and regulatory nightmare that will allow Iran to cat-and-mouse their way to regional supremacy and a nuclear bomb.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu observed:

“As we learn more and more details about the agreement that was achieved last night in Geneva, it becomes increasingly clear how bad and dangerous this agreement is to the world, the region, and Israel.”

In September 1938, a war-weary west made a similar concession to Adolf Hitler, granting him, in violation of treaty, the right to annex the Sudetenland. What was deemed by liberals then to be "peace in our time" was, in actuality, the point of no return for stopping the bloodiest war in human history and the near annihilation of the Jewish people.

Yet today, the Obama-media and leftist propaganda groups are celebrating appeasement once again as a grand alternative to what Secretary Kerry called war as a "first resort."

In reality, the failure of the world to act against Iran today will almost certainly ensure war in a tomorrow close at hand -- a war made exponentially more dangerous by the billions of dollars now set to flow to what was yesterday a weakened enemy, and tomorrow will be a nuclear one.

Join TruthRevolt in standing with Israel, saying no to appeasement of Iran's nuclear ambition, and fighting against the surrender-supporting media.