Demand An Apology and Retraction from the LA Weekly

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On Monday, pop-culture magazine LA Weekly cast all accurate reporting aside when it released a political cartoon depicting the Tea Party wing of the GOP as a white-hooded Klansman for its cover story.

The cartoon ran the gamut of Republican caricatures, showing the two opposing factions of the Party (Establishment and Tea Partiers) engaging in a heated tug-of-war over a tortured elephant bleeding, crying and bucking in pain.

The establishment figures were drawn as bald, portly rich (white) men surrounded by a flurry of cash. Tea Partiers were depicted as a cowboy, a soldier, a man in colonial era ‘Tea Party’ costume and were all led by the man wearing white-hooded Klansman attire.

LA Weekly has yet to apologize for their distasteful and dishonest depiction of the Tea Party.

Please sign below and demand an apology and retraction of the artwork wrongfully depicting the Tea Party as racist and evil.