WATCH: Kids Learn Painful Lesson on Socialism with Their Halloween Candy

Sharing is caring, but is it fair?

Under President Obama, Americans were regularly lectured on fairness and how those with lots needed to cough up more to help those with little — classic wealth redistribution and a favorite socialist tactic of Democrats. It’s always sold as, “Everyone pays their fair share.” But who gets to decide what’s fair? The comfortably elite in Washington, that’s who.

But how does this “pay your fair share” scenario play out on a smaller scale, say, among kids and their Halloween candy? Steven Crowder dressed like an idiot to carry out that little experiment in his classic prank, “Obama’s Halloween.”

Watch as Crowder takes candy from kids with more loot and pass it around to kids with less. It doesn’t take long to discover NO ONE thinks that’s fair at all!

Check out the future greedy one-percenters in the video above.