War Criminal Drinks Poison, Dies In Court

Bizarre scene shocks court

It's a plot twist you would expect from a movie, maybe a James Bond film, but this was real life. As the international criminal court in The Hague was upholding a 20-year sentence for war crimes, Slobodan Praljak, a former Croatian military leader, denounced the decision and swallowed what he claimed was poison. 

Immediately rushed to the hospital, Praljak was later pronounced dead.

The entire dramatic scene was caught on camera and broadcast around the world. 

It's not clear how Praljak obtained the poison; Dutch authorities are investigating.

Parljak had been convicted of committing war crimes during the war that broke up the former Yugoslavia. According to the United Nations, and his convictions, Praljak was central to a program of attempted ethnic cleansing in Bosnia where he and his military forces sought to eliminate Bosnian Muslims from several cities.

Check out the video above.