WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: Confiscation the Only ‘Real Gun Debate’

You see, there’s this thing called media bias…

The hot-takes after the Vegas massacre continue to pour in and we just love it when a journalist cuts through the BS and lets us know how they really feel about guns in America. On Sunday’s Meet the Press on NBC, Washington Post columnist and associate editor Eugene Robinson did just that, saying the only “real gun debate” worth having is confiscating millions of weapons.

Robinson expressed a personal desire to model a program after Australia’s 1996 “buyback” program in which over 660,000 firearms were bought by the government by willing owners. While the “benefits” of this transaction have been used to tout Australia’s lack of mass shootings — as if no one is ever shot there, or is murdered otherwise — the unintended consequences have also put the buyback program under intense scrutiny.

But no matter to Robinson; that’s the only debate he wants to have, because until we do, mass shootings are “not going to stop.”

“One reason it's a non-debate is that we debate what specific piece of legislation could have stopped this incident, and you can never put your finger on it,” Robinson said to Chuck Todd. “And therefore you can't talk about any piece of legislation that might have stopped the last one or might stop the next one.”

He continued:

“Meanwhile, there are 300 million guns in this country. And so a real gun debate has to look at that fact. 300 million guns. We need to, you know, look at what was done in a place like Australia where they had a gun buyback. Gun control is permissible according to the Supreme Court. If Congress were to decide — it won't happen — were to decide, that automatic assault rifles, long guns are something that — military style weapons — are something that citizens should not have, they should be police and military only and we're going to buy them back, that would have an impact. It’s not going to happen, but that would have an impact and that’s what the debate ought to be.”

Following that logic, law abiding citizens should give up their guns in case one of them snaps and goes on a shooting spree. Meanwhile, a criminal will do what criminals do and break the laws already on the books. They will be supplied well with all the black market armament created by the confiscation. A genius plan!

Any more questions about media bias?

Newsbusters has the footage: