Menendez Claims Racist FBI Targeted Him

"Certain elements of the FBI...cannot...accept that (a) Latino kid...can grow up to be a United States senator."

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez says he knows why he was tried in federal court for bribery and corruption. Was it the $750,000 he collected in campaign donations for suspected political favors? Nope. The private jet he was given access to? Not even close. The New Jersey left-winger claims the reason for his trial is nothing more than pure racism.

Menendez's case ended Thursday with a mistrial after jurors were deadlocked twice. Rather than relish the victory in the aftermath of the 65-day ordeal, he placed furious blame for his legal woes on what he called "certain elements" of the FBI. Members of this mysterious faction, he claimed, were motivated by the fact that he is a minority. Menendez made the outrageous assertion at a press conference Thursday:

“Certain elements of the FBI and of our state cannot understand or even worse accept that the Latino kid from Union City and Hudson County can grow up to be a United States senator and be honest...I can’t even begin to tell you how many people have come to tell me that the FBI went to them and asked them, ‘What can you give us on Menendez?'”

Perhaps the FBI did that because Menendez is a corrupt politician taking handouts for political favors. Perhaps he -- as federal prosecutors claimed -- "sold his office for a lifestyle that he couldn’t afford." Perhaps he and his girlfriend shouldn't have accepted $1500/night hotel stays, courtesy of an ophthalmologist whose business interests could benefit from Menendez's lobbying. Perhaps he participated in things a Congressman should have no part in. Perhaps he should take responsibility for these things. But not in the world of the Left -- their explanation for every hardship that befalls a Democrat is abject racism.

Menendez called the trial "unjust prosecution" as he literally cried at the press conference. The politician stated his indignant thoughts on the trial, which could also be worded the same way to describe how a guilty man walked away unscathed:

“The way this case started was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong, the way it was prosecuted was wrong, the way it was tried was wrong as well.”

No, Menendez, you're: