WaPo: Jackie Robinson Sponsor Branch Rickey Was Racist

"Control of black athletic talent…(was) to restore the fallacy of white superiority.”

In an article posted Sunday evening, Washington Post columnist Kevin Blackistone continued what seems to be the Left’s mad drive to one-up each other in race-baiting absurdity. First, Blackistone joined other leftists in irrationally labeling Houston Texans owner Bob McNair racist. Referring to NFL players protesting the National Anthem, McNair recently compared the spectacle to “inmates running the prison.” This sounded off alarms in the world of nutty leftwingers everywhere, and Blackistone was eager to pounce:

Demonization of black athletes, such as referring to them as ‘inmates’ in a ‘prison’ as McNair did, wasn’t the most critical issue raised by McNair’s quote, but it was helpful to the process of convincing the public that it is in its best interest, too, for those who run sports to somehow contain their athletes. After all, it plays on the fear of black men misbehaving that we in the media, the sports media in particular, continue to perpetuate.

Blackistone was merely piling on by press time, as the majority of McNair’s own team had already knelt in protest of him during Sunday’s game against the Seahawks. But better late than never.

Continuing, Blackistone found his way to a most unlikely victim of baseless accusations involving racial discrimination. Further decrying America’s supposed shameful history of white men controlling black athletes, the columnist turned his sights on Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey. Rickey was a seminal figure in the Major League’s desegregation. In 1945, he attempted to break the color barrier with “Afro-Cuban” shortstop Silvio Garcia. This plan soon fell apart when Garcia threatened to kill any player who belittled him. Looking for a star who could endure scrutiny and therefore enact change, Rickey found Jackie Robinson and, as they say, the rest is history. Or in Blackistone’s view, “the race-ist history.” He argued:

Garcia threatened to be a black athlete neither Rickey nor his sport could control. Control of black athletic talent in this country was then, before and now — as Houston Texans owner Bob McNair reminded not once but twice over the past few days — of paramount concern to ownership and management.  There was, for example, the concerted effort of white lawmakers to wrest the heavyweight championship of the world over a century ago from boxer Jack Johnson, the first black man to hold it, to restore the fallacy of white superiority.

And now, in the case of the NFL, Blackistone believes any attempt to combat the ratings-killing, anti-patriotic actions of its players amounts to “corralling the (black) players and returning them to their place.” Never mind that the players work for the league and are therefore subject to its regulations. Heaven forbid a company have standards for its employees; that’s racism if the boss is white.

That logic is perfectly accurate to Blackistone, who decried the attempted manipulation of a workforce which gets paid millions of dollars to play with a ball and run around in the grass:

Like Silvio Garcia, these black NFL athletes are threatening to be a lot neither McNair nor his brethren can control.

What’s really beyond control is the Left’s ridiculous reach for incriminating racist conspiracy, which unfortunately does not exceed its grasp. However, what it’s grasping at is straws. 

Photo credit: wallyg via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND