'The View' Host Moving to Canada if a Republican is 'Nominated'

Will you take the rest of them with you?

Every election cycle, celebrity liberals threaten to leave America if a Republican becomes President. And every time a Republican is elected, those celebs disappoint us by not following through on their promise. The latest celebrity is co-host Raven-Symonè from ABC’s inexplicably popular gab-fest The View, who declared Thursday that she would leave the United States for Canada if a Republican is “nominated.”

Breitbart reports that Raven-Symonè had an "election confession" to make: “My confession for this election is, if any Republican gets nominated, I’m gonna move to Canada with my entire family. Is that bad?”

It wouldn't be bad for the rest of America, that's for sure. Can you take your co-hosts with you? Then perhaps President Trump will build a northern wall as well to keep you all from returning.

The other hosts seemed skeptical of her seriousness, but Raven-Symone assured them that “I already have my ticket. No, I literally bought my ticket, I swear.”

Besides the fact that she's uninformed about what it takes to move to another country - which her co-hosts tried to impress upon her - Raven-Symonè apparently is confused about what "nominated" means. It doesn't mean "elected President," Ms. Symonè. In any case, no matter who ultimately becomes President, a Republican IS going to be nominated, so start packing your bags. We'll help.