The View: Cruz's 'Hate Speech' Helps Recruit Terrorists

“I don't even know why they want to kill us.”

Joy Behar -- Christian-hating purported comedienne, co-host of the moronic but popular daytime talk show The View, and top terrorism analyst -- warned America that Ted Cruz's hate speech is fueling Islamic terror recruitment.

Newsbusters reports that Behar lashed out at presidential candidate Cruz's suggestion that Muslim neighborhoods should be patroled by law enforcement in the wake of yet another Islamic terror attack, this time in Brussels. Behar's co-hosts weighed in:

BEHAR: Here is how Ted Cruz, who is a candidate for the presidency, this is how he wants to handle the terror threat. He wants police in this country to patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Good idea? 

RAVEN-SYMONE: But his counter is, which they do, if you have a lot of gang violence in the inner city or somewhere else, you have police strolling even when there isn't gang violence. So to protect our country. It happens in people not even being terrorists. It just happens because of the color of your skin sometimes.

Huh? After more incomprehensible cross-chatter, Behar laid out her complaint with Cruz's strategy:

BEHAR: All this business of being anti-Muslim is not helping the situation. We need to take a long view of terrorism. These people, I don't even know why they want to kill us anymore.

Of course you don't know why they want to kill us, because you're a head-in-the-sand, multiculturalist, brain-dead liberal. And it's not anti-Muslim -- it's anti-Islam. Liberals can't understand -- or refuse to admit -- the distinction.

BEHAR: They just want to kill people and the main thing you have to stop doing is recruiting new people. Otherwise, there is no end to this. And all of this hate speech against Muslims helps to recruit people. That's the bottom line. These two, Cruz and Trump, are dangerous, in my opinion. 

Her opinion is worthless, albeit tragically influential among the show's audience. The fact that she doesn't even know why they want to kill us should disqualify her from even opening her mouth on the subject. But that's entertainment.

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