The View: Calling a Woman 'Hysterical' is Sexist

"It’s actually just unique to a woman and her uterus.”

At the rate at which feminists are classifying adjectives as sexist, soon there will be words left to describe women at all. Alongside "beautiful," "nasty," and "bossy," the hosts of The View have now determined that "hysterical" must be stricken from the lexicon, at least where women are concerned. 

The decree came while the panel discussed that  Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was interrupted twice during the recent Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, being called “hysterical” by former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “So the former aide Jason Miller said she was being hysterical, quote, unquote. Do you think they would use the word hysterical against a male senator?"

Co-host Sunny Hostin concurred. “They would never do it, and I know Kamala Harris," said Hostin. "She is one of the most even-keeled stately people. She is a former prosecutor and she was using that experience to kind of cross-examine him. Don’t we want that?"

Hostin was obviously pushing the Harris 2020 card, because after Hillary's drubbing in 2016, the left needs a new presidential ceiling-breaker to champion.  

Co-host Sara Haines added, “The interesting thing about the word hysterical is, it's a word with a female-baiting history. From "hysterics," which was a diagnosis reserved exclusively for women, sending them uncontrollably insane and they would have to perform a hysterectomy. It’s actually just unique to a woman and her uterus.”

Jedediah Bila fought back, saying that Kamala Harris routinely interrupts people. 

“If you watch her, and I have watched her repeatedly, she doesn’t oftentimes let people answer the question," said Bila. That is a fact. She doesn’t let them answer to the point where they are, like, ‘Can I answer the question?’ You need to be careful in this country or anywhere when you label everything sexist. She is a big girl, smart and confident and capable. I don’t need to feel sorry for her in this situation.”

“Calling a woman hysterical is sexist,” Hostin replied bossily.