Video: Random Americans Congratulate North Korea For Detonating H-Bomb

"Dreams can come true"

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel featured a series of candid interviews with total strangers off Hollywood Blvd. that showed people actually wishing the authoritarian nation of North Korea "congratulations" for detonating a hydrogen bomb.

Prefacing the video, Jimmy Kimmel jokingly quipped that "you'd think that the idea of North Korea having a hydrogen bomb would be somewhat alarming to those of us here on the west coast, but we went out on the street today and it seems like if you ask people a question in a cheerful enough matter, we Americans will offer congratulations for just about everything."

The  statements made in the video are dumbfounding, and given the subjects' vocal inflections and facial expressions, deciphering whether or not these people are actually pro North Korea or just plain ignorant proves to be a difficult task.

"Finally, it's about time," "Dreams can come true," "You just gotta stick to your dreams, and you know, anything can come true," are just a few examples of what people had to say. 

In the spirit of the age, congratulations North Korea! Keep pushing on, and soon you'll have the whole peninsula back. You have a solid fan base here cheering for you, so don't let them down.