UC Berkeley Builds Secret Escape Hatch for Administrators to Flee Social Justice Warriors

They created the monsters -- they're afraid of them now?

University and college administrators -- particularly ones at far-left schools like those comprising the University of California school system -- are directly responsible for creating the Social Justice Warrior movement. Funny then how these same administrators fear the very monsters they themselves created. 

So much so in fact that they've even built secret back-door escape hatches in order to flee from the now regularly held "sit-ins" at their administration building. The College Fix reports: 

A new exit door has been installed near UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ office in response to repeated sit-ins of the administration building, a back door that’s been dubbed an “escape hatch” by some on campus.

The door was constructed late last month outside a short hallway between Dirks’ conference room and his office in California Hall at a cost of $9,000, the Daily Californian campus newspaper reports.

Some students at the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement say they are angry over its installation, arguing that between the back door and the fence recently built around the chancellor’s campus residence that “it’s clear that administrators on this campus operate in a near-constant state of fear of its students,” the Daily Cal noted in a staff editorial.

Clearly they do, which is probably why the spineless administrators have caved in to nearly every demand the SJWs have ever made. 

In an interview with The College Fix, Dan Mogulof, UC Berkeley’s executive director for communications and public affairs, said the school's chancellor was unaware the hatch was being built, but that the police felt it would be beneficial given just how often SJWs are occupying the administration's building: 

“He was not actually aware that it was being built,” Mogulof said. “This came about in response to staff concerns after a number of occupations of that particular floor of the administration building. And our police department thought it would be beneficial just to have one extra door, which is all that it is, that will provide staff, if need be in the future, another way of getting out of the building.”

“There was really only one way out,” Mogulof added. “The police thought it would be a good idea and it was really in response to staff concerns.”