Trump Wins GOP New Hampshire Primary

With 80% of precincts reporting, Trump holds 35% of the vote.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump bounced back from his second-place finish in Iowa with a clear victory in New Hampshire. Trump was projected to win by a large margin in most of the pre-primary polling.

New Hampshire precincts are still calculating their election results but with 80% reporting, Trump leads the field with 35% of the vote.

Ohio Governor John Kasich placed second, with 16% of the vote, and third place is still fluid, with Cruz (12%), Bush (11%) and Rubio (11%) closely clustered.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie registered 8% of the vote. He will head home to New Jersey today to "take a deep breath" but not before taking a swipe at Kasich.

“We let John feel the way he feels, but we spent more days here,” Christie said. Which is true, Christie spent 72 days in New Hampshire compared to Kasich’s 69. Bush spent 54 days here, according to CBS News.

HP executive Carly Fiorina, who was excluded from last weekend's GOP debate, garnered 4% of the vote and Ben Carson brought up the rear with 2%.

The next GOP primary is in South Carolina on Saturday, February 20th, and candidates will debate in Greenville, SC this Saturday, February 13.