CNN Tweets Dumb Headline about Equally Dumb 'Fearless Girl' Statue'

Leave it to CNN to make this even more comical.

Earlier this month, TruthRevolt wrote about a statue on Wall Street that has stolen the hearts of feminists. The "Fearless Girl" statue was positioned opposite the iconic Bull on Wall Street, hands on her hips, facing the bull down.  The statue, which has been celebrated as capturing the Occupy Wall Street spirit, is ridiculous for many reasons, but here are the top two: first, as Instapundit revealed, "the statue of the little girl symbolically defying Wall Street was installed by… Wall Street itself. And not just any financial company, but State Street Global Advisors, the worlds third-largest asset manager, with $2.4 trillion under management."

But second, as Gun Free Zone points out, why is the girl "facing down" the bull?  What is the statue trying to symbolize? "She is standing up against the bull?  The Wall Street Charging Bull being 'the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity,' as a reference to a Bull Market," J K.B. writes. "So this girl is standing defiant against a strong, positive financial outlook.  Do I have that right?"

But CNN somehow managed to make this situation even more comical during a recent snow storm in Manhattan:

Immediately, people noted that statues don't really have the option of not "standing her ground" against the Wall Street bull, or of coming in out of the snow, since she's... a statue. Twitter users seized the opportunity to make fun of the network, according to Twitchy, in an article called: ‘Hunk of Metal Remains Immobile’